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Even whiskey lovers have to take the occasional break from sipping to step into an office and get some work done. Help the whiskey lover in your life make it through the work day by outfitting their office and desk with some of these classy, yet whimsical whiskey accessories. They also make for great props in a home office, study, or man cave, so help them let their imagination run wild.

Store It

Let’s start with outfitting that whiskey bar: The classic globe bar is always a fun centerpiece, but if you’re looking for something a bit sleeker, more modern, these make some great choices to fill the corner of your office.

West Elm Pecan Cart
This acorn-stained walnut cart with brass finish is about as classy and classic as you can get.

Belham Living Olivia Round Cart
Not all corners were made for sharp angles, and this beautiful gold and tempered glass cart can slide right into nearly any space.

Holly and Martin Gunmetal Cart
This gunmetal and glass cart is really made for wine storage, but who says you have to stick with traditional?

Holly and Martin Zephs Bar Cart contemporary-bar-carts

Belham Living Jamestown Industrial Bar Cart
If your office is a little more industrial chic, a combination of iron, ash, driftwood, and bronze should be the perfect fit.

Gild Johan Serving Cart
Another beautiful round cart, this wood cart reminiscent of a whiskey barrel gives you multiple options for display and storage.

Stock It

Of course, that bar can’t sit there by itself. After stocking it with a nice selection of bottles, here are a few other nice items to outfit the serving space.

Personalized Whiskey Barrel
Everyone in the office will want to sneak off with this beauty, so be sure to put your recipients’ initials on it.

Whiskey Stones
Keep these in the breakroom freezer and they won’t ever have to deal with another messy ice tray again.

The Kings County Distillery: Whiskey Notes Tasting and Distilling Logbook
Because at some point they’ll need to remember which bottle was their favorite, and we can’t always depend on a whiskey-fueled memory.

Custom Decanter and Glass Set
Of course whiskey can’t be enjoyed straight from the bottle — at least not a work. This decanter and glass set helps with that.

Etched Globe Decanter
Didn’t opt for the globe bar cart? Improve your whiskey lover’s geography with this nice decanter.


Every office needs a little spiffing up, and these items can certainly class up the joint.

Whiskey Prescription
This super rare (there’s only one available) 1920s whiskey prescription may be small at 5 ½ x 4 ½ inches, but it sure makes for a great talking point. If this one gets snatched up, there are similar ones available in his store, so be sure to look around.

Prints from JohnJPhotography
This Kentucky photographer clearly finds inspiration amongst the barrels. He has a line of gorgeous photos in both color and black & white that make you feel like you’re sitting inside of a distillery instead of sitting at your desk.

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Watercolor Print
If your look is a little less classic, this bright, fun whiskey bottle print brings a lot of colors into the room.

Whiskey Wood Bar Stool
These stools may not be as comfy as an ergonomic office chair, but they sure do look nice.

Lighting or Candles From ReWicked Candles
This line of whiskey bottle lamps, light fixtures, and candles will keep any office bright during working hours.


To help actually get some work done, these whiskey accessories are perfect.

Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel Bolt Action Bullet Pen
Work like an outlaw with this gorgeous pen that comes with a variety of finishes and a velvet pouch.

Tennessee Whiskey Barrel .30 Caliber Letter Opener
Letters aren’t going to open themselves — and this letter opener looks great on a desk.

Whiskey Barrel Business Card Holder with Pen
This business card holder will make any potential client want to know more about your whiskey fan.

Will Work for Whiskey Clipboard
Paper may be on its way out, but those few sheets remaining need somewhere to hang out. Why not on this whiskey-inspired clipboard?

Whiskey Barrel iPad Holder
Paperless office? An iPad holder that bridges classic with futuristic is a lovely addition to an office desk.


And if you absolutely cannot drink in the office, at least you can remember the great taste of whiskey while you work with these products.

Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee
Take a taste of this pick me up either before or after a night of indulging.

Whiskey Coffee Mug
Sometimes the Lord’s prayer can use a bit of modification to fit the whiskey-less situation. Put some of that whiskey barrel aged coffee in this mug and call it a day.

Whiskey Soaked Campfire Jerky
Help a whiskey lover take a trip from the office straight to the backwoods of Kentucky with a midday snack.

Beehive Whiskey Cheese and Salami Collection
More whiskey-inspired snacks? Oh yes, my friend. Because you can never have enough.

Whiskey Infused Toothpicks
Want to make your own gift? These whiskey-flavored toothpicks are pretty easy and unique.


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