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Shaun-Page-taking-3rd-St.-Whiskey-from-the-cask-e1466443679775-5082b3aa1ee67bc156694e8b16cba93157d61306Ever looked at a whiskey bottle and thought, “that’s cool and all, but I wish this was bigger, more cumbersome, and had the potential to leak when it got hot?” If so, book your ticket to Detroit now, where the MGM Grand Detroit is offering a new whiskey experience called 3rd Street Whiskey that takes the private barrel concept to the next level.

MGM Grand Detroit selected five barrels of 100% rye whiskey from Two James Spirits, a Detroit-based distillery, to age in-house at their Wolfgang Puck Steak restaurant. Two James uses locally grown rye to make its distillate. In…

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