Fall is here. The temperature is dropping and its time to start thinking about those whiskey cocktails that keep us warm when a chill is about.With the help of a few industry friends of mine,  I’ve managed to compile a list of some fun and unique concoctions to get you through the Fall and Winter months.

The Amari Manhattan

Featured: Amari Manhattan; Photo Courtesy of Patrick Gioia

A delicious twist on a classic, this cocktail has it all, Amaro, sweet vermouth and a bitter delight. I know it seems complicated, but aren’t the most complicated cocktails sometimes the most nuanced and unique? Imbibe while staring at a fire (in a pit, fireplace, or bonfire).

2oz. Bulleit Rye

.25oz  Campari

.5oz Sweet Vermouth

Splash of J. Rieger Cafe Amaro

Splash of Aperol

Dash of Angostura bitters

Dash of Peychaud’s

Process: Add ice and all ingredients into a pint glass, stir and strain over ice. Garnish with a cherry or orange twist and if you’re feeling crazy do both. Enjoy on a chilly fall day as you watch the leaves change.

For the classic recipe click here.

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