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Since its birth in 2016, the Collaborative Distilling Program of Bardstown Bourbon Company has grown exponentially. The program began with 1.5 million proof gallon capacity and has doubled that this year to 3 million proof gallon capacity. In the wake of this recent expansion, BBCo has announced yet another bout of construction expanding their production to 6 million proof gallon capacity. BBCo will install a 36 inch custom Vendome Copper and Brass Works still, 16 fermenters and a 12.5k gallon cooker. Construction is slated for completion by July 2018. This development makes the BBCo one of the largest bourbon distilleries in the world and increases their output to around 100,000 barrels a year.

The Collaborative Distilling Program is a remarkable example of the community that whiskey fosters. Catering to non-distilling brand owners, craft distilleries, and existing brand owners, the BBCo synchronizes the desires of its clients with an experienced staff to create a lasting and exceptional product for whiskey connoisseurs and beginners alike.

David Mendell, President and CEO had this to say about BBC0’s recent expansion, “The Bardstown Bourbon Company’s rapid growth is extremely exciting. We’re truly helping to reshape the American whiskey market, and the success of our Collaborative Distilling Program demonstrates the massive demand for custom-made, authentic, Kentucky whiskey, bourbon and rye.”

Recent construction is lead by Buzick Construction of Bardstown, Kentucky. BBCo worked with Buzick to create the original distillery. This partnership continues with an upcoming barrel warehouse expansion beginning in October 2017.

Bardstown Bourbon Company is also developing a Napa Valley style estate with a hotel, full-scale restaurant and bar as well as a whiskey library and visitors center. Coupled with these newest expansions, BBCo is proceeding with plans to introduce their own unique line of bourbon, rye, and whiskey.

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