Using “transformative wood and innovative technology,” Cleveland Whiskey’s rapid-aged bourbon pushes the boundaries of traditional whiskey.

Released in May, 2015, the current Cleveland Underground Select line includes bourbon whiskey finished with Sugar Maple Wood, Apple Wood, Black Cherry Wood, Honey Locust Wood, and Hickory Wood.


Third Party Reviews and Tasting Notes

  • “I’d definitely recommend this to the guys that are feeling adventurous. Everyone is different so if you don’t like it the way I do try something different. This is a bottle I wish I had more of. It is flavored naturally using cherry wood, instead of some saccharin imitation flavoring that has no business in whiskey. I applaud you Tom Lix, you have changed my mind. If you have tried Cleveland Whiskey please feel free to comment, if not try it first!”

    Whiskey and Whisky

    “The finish is fairly smooth, with a good balance of spice and wood. Fruit and leather take a backseat.

    I haven’t gotten the chance to add it to any cocktails, but it seems like the type to fit right in for a different twist on your favorite. Overall I give this odd little bourbon an 86.”

    Dan Sampson via The Whiskey Wash
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