Cooper River Bourbon Whiskey


Cooper River “Garden State” Bourbon is made with a flavorful mash-bill of 67% New Jersey corn, 22% New Jersey rye, and 11% malted barley. It is fermented with Cooper River’s rum yeast strain for a full week – allowing for complex flavors to develop in the mash before it heads into the direct-flame-heated copper alembic still. After distillation, Cooper River Rye Whiskey rests for just over a year in new, 15 gallon, charred white oak barrels, and is bottled, one barrel at a time, at 86-proof.

Third Party Reviews and Tasting Notes

  • “A whiskey as curious as the name is long, this one-off starts with a hoppy, sharp nose that fades into notes of milk chocolate and fresh ground coffee. At first sip one might think this spirit is going to taste like others distilled from beer, but it takes a surprising left turn straight into a vat of mocha ice cream with caramel and fudge ribbons with bits of charred coffee bean. Have this alongside (or as) dessert!”

    NICOLE GILBERT via Distiller


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