Journeyman’s wheated bourbon is a favorite with Michiganders and Midwesterners as a whole. Master Distiller and owner Bill Welter’s love for his craft is evident in not only his spirits, but also his distillery, which recently underwent a large expansion. The building that houses the distillery was once a factory that employed much of the small town of Three Oaks, MI (also famous as the location of the movie “Prancer”). The bottle is charming and the wax seal is a nice touch.

Third Party Reviews and Tasting Notes

  • “Journeyman Distillery does not offer an age statement for their Featherbone Bourbon Whiskey, but it does taste young. It isn’t necessarily abrasive, but rather the overall balance is not quite dialed in as much as more seasoned bourbons might be.

    The finish was rather disappointing, but not a total surprise given the rather thin feel of the bourbon. The product presentation is the star of the show with the bottle and backstory being the most compelling parts of this particular release.”

    Joshua St. John @ Whiskey Wash

    “Very sweet in the start, uncommon in young 90 proof whiskeys. Its high level of sweetness lends to its body, which is highly oily in a syrupy way. The mouth-coating lends slightly towards the novice bourbon drinker. Slightly gingery in the mid-palate this whiskey finishes quickly in both the mouth and the glass. “

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