Yellowstone Select Kentucky Straight Bourbon, a masterful fusion of flavors from seventh-generation distillers, Paul and Steve Beam. It features a hand-picked blend of sweet, spicy, and smoky bourbons, each selected to give this exclusive whiskey a taste that celebrates its deep, family origins.

Released in May, 2015, Yellowstone Select is a brand resurrected by Steve Beam and family’s Limestone Branch Distillery in Lebanon, Kentucky. The bourbon is blended from sweet, spicy, and smoky bourbons.

Yellowstone, founded in 2010 by Steve Beam and family, a century after Beam’s great-grandfather sold his distillery to Yellowstone.

The distiller notes that the nose indicates “leather and hints of citrus and oak. On the tongue, it’s spicy rye with soft cherries fading to smoked caramel. And a memorable finish, rich with brown sugar and Kentucky tradition.”


Third Party Reviews and Tasting Notes

  • Yellowstone Select Bourbon has a sweet and nutty character that’s oddly comforting. I don’t know if it’s bringing up something from my childhood I can’t fully remember or if it’s just that combination of nuts and sweetness which gives it a rustic homey feeling that translates to “inviting”. It’s an interesting experience and possibly one that only really pertains to me. Warm fuzzies aside, the bourbon itself isn’t overly complex, but it is a solid sipping whiskey that also works well in cocktails.

    Josh Peters via The Whiskey Wash

    Appearance: Dark amber in the glass, with heavy legs

    Nose: Sweeter flavors like vanilla and caramel are most prevalent, but the nose isn’t cloying, thanks to a solid oak bass note. After a few minutes in the glass, black cherry and a hint of toast make an appearance.

    Palate: Caramel and oak predominate on the palate, with a somewhat oily mouthfeel.

    Finish: Warm allspice pops out after swallowing, followed by more caramel. Wood lingers on the finish.

    This is an easy-drinking bourbon with a well-balanced flavor profile, but there’s nothing particularly interesting about it. I don’t have any real objections, but I also don’t feel the $50 price tag is justified.

    Katelyn Best via The Whiskey Wash

    On the nose there are some nice light aromas playing together. It begins with a robust tobacco scent reminiscent of a fine pipe tobacco with a trace of oak, cherries, and citrus, mostly oranges. At first sip I was greeted with a tart cherry flavor with noticeable rye and sweet brown sugar flavors. There was a light cedar taste that was quickly overpowered by a juniper flavor which reminded me of a good gin. The finish is sweet and spicy, a combination of the brown sugar and rye flavors which slowly fade away. This is definitely a complex whiskey. It quickly lived up to my expectations and I was impressed with the quality and flavors. Since I had some time to experiment with the bottle I tried it several different ways including neat, on the rocks, with a splash, and in a cocktail. I also allowed the whiskey to sit a bit and open up. In my opinion this whiskey is best enjoyed neat. It is nearly perfect right out of the bottle but I prefer to let it sit for a few minutes before having the first sip. If you enjoyed the first Yellowstone release you will want to get your hands on this bottle as it is just a delicious whiskey. For around $50 for a bottle it can fit in with most budgets and is priced right in my opinion. The flavors of the whiskey although unique, definitely mix well together. If you pick a bottle up, let us know your thoughts and how you enjoyed it.

    Bourbon & Oak

    “Light and shy aromas of smoke, dry cider and wood greet the nose. On the palate cider gains confidence, the wood notes get spicier, and suggestions of burnt sugar emerge. The medium finish reprises the wood and gains additional spice.”

    Ron Bechtol via
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