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(This is an excerpt of an article originally posted here by The Bourbon Review)

Story by Robbie Clark  |  Photos by Emily Moseley

Lots of chefs have found Bourbon to be a versatile ingredient no matter what they are preparing, with pies being no exception. As baked pastries rule the dessert tray through fall during the holiday season, we asked Executive Chef Brian Surbaugh and Pastry Chef Becca Schmutte of Table 310 and its sister restaurant National Provisions in Lexington, Kentucky, to whip up some pie recipes using a Bourbon that paired well with the fillings.

>> Larceny Bourbon Pumpkin Pie Recipe

>> Maker’s Mark Pecan Pie Recipe

>> Bulleit Cherry Pie


This is a preview of an article originally posted by The Bourbon Review. Unless otherwise specified, The Bourbon Review retains all content and image rights in this article preview.

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