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The Bourbon VIP Club offers those interested in bourbon — experts and novices alike — the chance to learn and experience more of the world of bourbon through exclusive events, whiskey samples, experiences, and even brand swag.

-Which producers make which brands?
-What can I learn from other bourbon fans?
-What are the best bourbon bars?
-What does extremely rare bourbon taste like?

-What bourbons pair best with what foods?
-Which bourbon is the most exclusive on the market?
-What’s it like being a distiller for a day?
-Which bourbons are on the rise?

We’ll have fun answering these questions together!

We aim to provide VIPs value that’s at least ten times the cost of membership. Below are just some of the ways we intend to deliver that value:

Whiskey Samples

Brand Swag Giveaways 

Tasting Events across the US and UK

New Bourbon Announcements

Tasting Note Training

Distiller-for-a-Day Experiences

Access to rare bottles

Free and Discounted Passes to the best Festivals and Expos

Free or Discounted Bourbon Expert Classes

Coupons and Discounts to your Local Retailers

Discounted Bourbon Gear

Free or Discounted Bourbon Country Tours

Opportunities to invest in up and coming whiskey brands

Interested? Tell us where we can send more information

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