After 20 years, Whisky Advocate’s annual WhiskyFest is still going strong.

On April 21st, whisk(e)y lovers from all over the country descended upon the Hyatt Regency in downtown Chicago to partake in a bit of education, a good deal of tasty food, and whole lot of imbibing some of the best whiskies in the world.

There was plenty of anticipation in the air. The line to get into the early VIP portion of the event was well over a hundred people deep. And when we got to the doors, we were witness to grown men cutting in front of others presumably to be first in line to sample their favorite spirit.

Once the doors opened, it was a mad rush. More prepared folks than myself had already mapped out locations of the whiskies they wanted to taste. I walked up to the nearest booth with no one rushing to it, partly because I felt bad no one was rushing to them, and partly because I didn’t feel like waiting in line anywhere else. It was a delicious solera-aged brandy (is brandy even a whisky?).

Throughout the night, my brother Chris and I sampled several amazing whiskies from a sizable list of incredible spirits, appreciated some fine marketing displays, and best of all, talked with some very enjoyable folks…

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