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For most bourbon drinkers, every day is National Bourbon Day, a day to celebrate the beautiful brown liquor that gifts its disciples with passion and intoxication. For those who do not imbibe regularly, June 14 serves as a day to bring America’s spirit into focus. It’s a day to celebrate with Instagram-worthy cocktails, bourbon appreciation events, and maybe try new things. Celebrating bourbon in all its glory doesn’t require a lot of flash and bang, though — here are a few low-key ways to celebrate National Bourbon Day. Needless to say, even if the activity isn’t overtly about drinking bourbon, it’s entirely appropriate to have a dram in your hand the whole time.

  1. Start your day with a bourbon coffee like this Cold Brew Bourbon Mocha or this Kentucky Bourbon Coffee.
  2. Enjoy this bourbon whiskey quote by Mark Twain:
    “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.”
  3. Splurge on that pricier bottle that you’ve had your heart set on…
  4. …And while you’re splurging, order yourself a gorgeous Norlan Whisky Glass to sip it from.
  5. Join a Facebook group of other bourbon enthusiasts. We really like Bourbon Sippers — it has over 10,000 members and plenty of lively bourbon discussions. But there are also plenty of other groups where you can connect and engage with other bourbon lovers. (PS don’t forget to check out and like our FB Page)
  6. Host an intimate bourbon tasting for you and a few of your closest friends.
  7. Or have a few friends over to try out some large batch bourbon punch, a perfect backyard summer treat.
  8. Go back to the beginning — sip on the bourbon that first sparked your passion.
  9. Plan a fantasy vacation to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, whether for real or just for fun. Be sure to include necessary travel accessories in your plan, like this Kentucky Double Leather Travel Bag.
  10. Adopt a new pet on National Bourbon Day and give them a bourbon-inspired name like Bulleit or Mash.
  11. Search out a few bourbon podcasts and see if you can find a new favorite.
  12. Try baking with bourbon. If you can think of a confection or baked good, there’s probably one out there with at least some bourbon in the recipe. Google your favorite treat + bourbon and get in the kitchen.
  13. Upcycle some of your old bottles to help preserve some of your favorites. From lamps to drinking glasses, there are plenty of ways to give old glass new life. Plus, that’s one less item to go into a landfill or recycling machine.
  14. Drink outside of your comfort zone — if you normally drink with water, try your bourbon on the rocks; if you typically drink on the rocks, try it in a cocktail.
  15. Start learning how to talk about bourbon by smell with this Bourbon Aroma Sensory Training Kit.

Have fun, be safe, and happy National Bourbon Day!

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