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Columbia, Tennessee-based Stillhouse Spirits Co. has recently launched its latest whiskey: the all-new Black Bourbon. Existing inside its signature and innovative “stainless steel bottle,” the black bourbon is surprisingly smooth for its age, perhaps a result of its coffee-bean mellowing process. This bourbon and future Stillhouse spirits are worth keeping an eye on as they develop more mature bourbons. In the meantime, it’s worth adding to the collection, if for no other reason than the deceivingly well-engineered tin container is damn cool. 

“Stillhouse Black Bourbon – a masterful blend of corn, rye, barley & limestone water, distilled to perfection, barreled in charred new American Oak barrels before being charcoal filtered, then rested & mellowed in roasted small batch coffee beans,” the company explained in a recent press statement. “The combination of the bold coffee beans and richness of the charred barrels results in soft aromatic notes of caramel and coffee, with a distinctly balanced body and a remarkably smooth finish.”

Founder Brad Beckerman and partner and creative director G-Eazy

Partnering with founder Brad Beckerman is Oakland rapper G-Eazy. “Working closely with Brad and the Stillhouse team has been such a dope experience, and as a whiskey enthusiast I’m excited to introduce Stillhouse Black Bourbon,” he said in prepared remarks. “If there’s one thing I love as much as bourbon it’s coffee, and I can confidently say that our bourbon is unlike anything else on the planet, we have reinvented the idea of what bourbon should be and I can’t wait for all of my fellow bourbon drinkers to experience it.”

This 80 proof sipper is only in limited release right now, but you may be able to find some at stores that already carry other Stillhouse products. Look for it in a 750mL can at $29.95.

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